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Nick Engelbert’s Grandview is located in Iowa County on Wisconsin State Highway 39, just west of the Village of Hollandale.  The site is roughly equidistant between the cities of New Glarus and Mineral Point, both of which are loaded with artists, are historically significant and have great shopping, lodging and wonderful places to catch a meal.  Grandview is a neat in-between stop. 

Hollandale is a village of 305 folks nestled in the Pecatonica River Valley.   It is the spot that Nick and Katherine Engelbert chose to raise their family.  The same goes for a lot of us nowadays, too.  Great people; a great school.  Scenery that looks like vacation but it’s not - it’s home! Life is good.

Years ago Nick Engelbert affirmed all this when he wrote, “If a man can’t be happy in a little place in Wisconsin, he hasn’t the makings of happiness in his soul”.

You can grab almost anything at the Corner Mart (convenience store and much more)  and fill-up your tank, too. Or stop at Hollandale Grocery - since 1958! - which is like heaven for carnivores. (It has one of the best meat counters anywhere.)  Lunch and dinner are available at Stroz or Doran’s.  

Stroz Inn

Bentley's Log Cabin

Hollandale Grocery

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